Of Sound and Vision

Week 1
1/3 Introduction to Max
> patches | reading | addendum
Week 2
1/9 Minimalism and the History of Techno
> patches | reading
1/10 Basics of Synthesis
> patches | reading
Week 3
1/16 Sound and Our Environment
> patches | reading
1/17 Aesthetics of Noise
> patches | reading | addendum
Week 4
1/23 Introduction to Jitter
> patches | reading | addendum
1/24 History of Visual Music, "Synaesthesia in Art"
> patches | reading | addendum
Week 5
1/30 History of Circuit-Bending and the Aesthetics of Failure
> patches | reading | addendum
1/31 Alternate Interfaces
> patches
Week 6
2/6 Getting more from your data
> patches
2/7 Work day
Week 7
2/13 Final crit
DM-7030-01 Of Sound and Vision:
An Integrated Introduction to Multimedia Programming with Max
Course Description:
In this intensive studio course, students will be exposed to the fundamentals of multimedia programming using the graphical environment Max, its object libraries for sound and video, MSP and Jitter, and strategies for connecting Max to the physical world. Through daily and weekly readings and assignments, students will gain a conceptual foundation for incorporating sound into their work and practical considerations of multimedia programming. A hands-on approach will be emphasized, and students will work with the basic building blocks of sound, video, and physical computing to create interactive projects and algorithmic compositions, culminating with the development of a larger work that incorporates knowledge gained throughout the course.
Required Software / Hardware:
Max / MSP / Jitter
Webcam (Built-in iSight, etc. ok)
Miditron, 9V Battery, Midi interface (will discuss this)
A couple of LEDs
Potentiometer + additional sensor(s) if you like
Hackable household item or children's toy of choice
Wire, tools for hacking stuff apart
Meeting Time & Information
Wednesday + Thursday 12:30 - 05:30 PM
CIT / Mason Building Room 305
Grading Policy
Final project: 40% Due in class 2/13/08.
Daily / weekly take-home assignments: 35%
Attendance & participation: 25%

Each student is responsible for attending class, completing in- and out-of-class assignments and participating in critiques and discussion of readings and example materials. Readings will be posted here on the syllabus listing for the corresponding day.
Contact Information
google group: of-sound-and-vision [at] googlegroups [dot] com
google group page: http://groups.google.com/group/of-sound-and-vision/
my email: mark [at] cetilia [dot] org
Useful Links
C74 Forums
Max Objects Database
120 Years of Electronic Music
Handbook for Acoustic Ecology