Mem1: Live at Mocoxon Studios  | 2020 Even though we’ve been home together 24/7 since the pandemic, we don’t have any time to make music together as Mem1. Having to carve out a moment to create something together for Project Blank’s Sofa Series was a shining moment amongst these bleak and stressful times. On an early Saturday evening, we put our girl in front of Frozen 2, made ourselves some strong cocktails, ran up to the studio and set up our equipment. We decided to put a mic in our studio windowsill to bring the outside in during our improvisation, so this is as much a duo between Providence and Mem1 as it is between ourselves. Thanks to Leslie Leytham for including us on your series and bringing us back to who our musical selves are, even if just for this brief moment.

Laura Cetilia, cello and voice
Mark Cetilia, analog modular synthesizer

Providence, RI
May 8, 2020