Schaulust at Sonic.Focus 3.5 09.23.2014

I will be giving a Schaulust performance as part of Sonic.Focus 3.5 at the Granoff Center for the Arts on Sept. 23. The evening also includes performances by Akiko Hatakeyama, Alexander Dupuis, and Atom™. More >>

Solo set at PUFFERSS IV 09.20.2014

I will be performing as part of P.U.F.F.E.R.S.S. IV, R.K. Projects’ two-day “Providence Underground Freak Fest Eco Rave Shaman Slam” extravaganza on Sept. 20. This year’s fest also includes performances by Severance Submit, Sunk Heaven, Worth, Dave Public, Birdlady, Vibe Police, House Red, Twingers, Yerri, Sects, Craow, Unicorn Hard-On, Via App, Kizu, Tether, Phantom Selector, James K, Sofia Reta, DJ Dog Dick, Flex 1000, Cool World, V Manuscript + Valise, Bernard Herman, Timeghost, Sig Other, 51717, Daren Ho, Odwala 88, Piece of Paper, Universal Cell Unlock, Enn{Kdog, Eve Essex + Dan Fox, and Work/Death. 230 Oak St.Providence, RI 02909 | $10 per night More >>

Solo set at Thee Eldritch 09.13.2014

I will be performing at Thee Eldritch on Sept. 13 alongside Bill Nace, Jake Meginsky, Dan Talbot, and Luke Moldof + Sakiko Mori. 9pm, $7. More >>