Random Gear Festival 11.26.2016

The Random Gear Festival is a recurring event in which pre arranged selections of ‘gear’ (of both a musical and non-musical nature), are assigned at random to a selection of performers who are expected to improvise on said equipment for a duration of no less than 5 minutes and no more than 15 minutes. This is the 5th edition of this event and the second to take place in the fine city of Providence, Rhode Island. It is scheduled to occur on Saturday November 26th between the hours of 6pm and 10pm at downtown watering hole Tommy’s Place. Performers are: Mem1 / Albert DeMuth / Wilted Woman / Cream Candles / Luke Moldof and Lance Simmons Duo / Milkbroads 1.5 / Casserole / Mark Johnson, Kylie Lance, Dave Public Trio / Noise Nomads / Orgonon Pit / Humanbeast / Blue Shift / Eric Grieshaber and Jack Callahan Duo / Desiccant / Party Tom, Jeff Johnson, Ned Paige Trio / Daren Ho and Kevin Esposito Duo. Please bring a monetary donation for the out of town performers. No event page for this one. Curated by Mark Johnson and Ren Schofield. More >>

Tele–Present // Tele–Musik // Tele–Vision 11.19.2016

I will be presenting a telematic performance on November 19 as part of Alfred University's Tele–Present // Tele–Musik // Tele–Vision alongside a long list of amazing artists. The night was organized by Matt Underwood and is sponsored by the Division of Expanded Media and Student Activities Board. Holmes Auditorium, Alfred University, 7:30pm. More >>