Curandi Katz & Mark Cetilia at Cetrale Fies 07.26.2015

Curandi Katz’ Word for Word (2013), featuring sound by Mark Cetilia, will be included in the “Mother Lode” exhibit at Centrale Fies in Dro, Italy, from July 26 – August 2. More >>

Mark Cetilia at Redroom 07.22.2015

I will be performing at Redroom in Providence alongside LFA, Siobhan, The Glass Path and Craow on July 22. More >>

Mem1 at SASSAS 07.17.2015

Mem1 will be performing alongside Robert Schwarz at the MorYork Gallery in Highland Park on July 17 as part of SASSAS’ AD HOC series. More >>

Mark Cetilia at MATA 07.13.2015

I will be performing alongside David Rothbaum, Rale and AMK (Anthony Michael King / Damion Romero / Elden M) at MATA in Los Angeles on July 13. More >>

Steve Roden + Mem1 at the PMCA 07.12.2015

I will be performing in a trio with Steve Roden and Laura Cetilia at the Museum of California Art in Pasadena on July 12 to celebrate the new Estuary Ltd. release by Steve Roden + Mem1, A Floating Wave of Air. More >>