Audiovisual installation at The Yard 12.15.2018

I will be presenting a new audiovisual installation at The Yard in Boston as part of Non-Event’s Year-End Concert / Fundraiser. The evening will also feature performances by Forbes Graham, Jake Meginsky, Rob Noyes, Mary Staubitz & Tim Johnston, Victoria Shen, and Idm Theft Able, as well as installations by Linda Aubry & Mike Bullock, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Erika Nesse & Allida Warn, Michael Rosenstein, and Kimmie Stattman. More >>

Titans of Jazz at Machines with Magnets 12.13.2018

My group Titans of Jazz (with Luke Moldof) will be performing at Machines with Magnets on December 13 alongside Phillip Greenlief, Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores, and Laurie Amat. More >>