Citarum  | 2013 Named after the most polluted river in the world, Citarum is a continuous flow of detritus. The imagery is comprised of solely of hand-painted clear leader, captured using a JK optical printer and Nikon D70 DSLR. The first iteration was created gesturally, allowing paint to spill down the leader and mix in microscopic swirling patterns. The resulting imagery was re-traced on an additional strip of leader using a different color palette, the reproduction full of imperfections and errors in translation. These strips were first optically printed individually, then bi-packed and printed again. The resulting work alternates consistently between a frame of the original image, a frame from the imperfect reproduction, and the combination of the images obtained from the bi-packed prints. The sound for this piece was recorded live using a hybrid analog / digital system comprised of modular synthesis, custom hardware and software written in SuperCollider, and allows for focus to be drawn towards and away from the fixed frame rate and the succession of images themselves.