Effective Dose  | 2008 Effective Dose is a contemplative environment in which participants may directly experience the traffic of cellular networks via custom-designed instruments that mine the frequencies utilized by these networks for local activity and create tangible, physiological responses through non-representational data visualization and sonification in real time.

This piece is comprised of a fully immersive soundscape utilizing traditional surround sound and directional sound projection technologies in order to create a highly focused listening environment in conjunction with the use of the cast-glass prismatic lens to act as a mediator between computer-generated imagery and the perspective of the active viewer. As I am interested in using technology to reveal the invisible, the use of directional sound and projection through a prismatic lens enables viewers to experience these phenomena from a single vantage point. This both affords a degree of interaction that could not be otherwise achieved, and uses the medium to speak of its content.

Through the process of analysis and resynthesis of data found in specified radio frequency bands using Ettus Research LLC’s Universal Software Radio Peripheral in conjunction with GNU Radio software for data acquisition and frequency demodulation, and the multimedia programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter, I have built a space of contemplation related to the omnipresence of the cellular networks in our environment.