Made for Television  | 2005 Made for Television arose from a series of experiments using audio signals to control a television directly through its composite video input. Upon discovering that the horizontal scan frequency for NTSC video is 15.734 kHz, I embarked upon a series of experiments using sine waves of this frequency as the sole source material, which I then manipulated in real time. These explorations gave me a unique perspective on the interaction between light and sound which has carried over to my work in both visual and audio realms. Presented here is a previously unreleased album-length work comprised of the results of those experiments.

Track Listing The Killers [03:40]
Born Innocent [07:35]
Black Noon [02:18]
Thirdspace [05:04]
The Eyes of Charles Sand [01:55]
Infiltrator [09:47]
My Dad Can't Be Crazy… Can He? [06:00]
Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate [01:12]
A Chance of Snow [02:26]
Double Vision [02:37]
Spring Break Shark Attack [00:41]
The Mysterious Two [00:16]
Crystal Cave [03:29]
Fatal Error [00:59]

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