Lacunæ | 2011 Lacunæ is a piece for cello, lighting system and electronics that utilizes a dual-stage system. The first stage is a score-generation algorithm, and the second is reactive software capable of realtime sound manipulation and control over lighting in the performance space. In order to generate the score, a performer enters a desired performance length and a set of pairs of notes on adjacent strings that may be played simultaneously.

Based on the mathematical relationships between the note-pairs and the results of a series of coin-toss algorithms, a structure is created that defines the sequence and length of time that each pair of notes should be played, as well as the length of rests between each note-pair. During this process, a set of instructions is also generated for two virtual performers that control sound and lighting. The instructions consist of timing cues for the lighting system and sound manipulation engine to remain active or inactive.

This piece was premiered by Laura Cetilia as part of an evening of performances by Zach Alterman, Akiko Hatakeyama, Stephan Moore, Parker Silzer, Caroline Park, Kristina Wolfe, and Mark Cetilia.