Chiasma | 2019 Chiasma is a newly commissioned composition for Gendér Wayang and electronics, that was premiered as part of a day-long Experimental Gamelan festival at the Epsilon Spires Sanctuary in Brattleboro, VT on September 28, 2019 by Zach Hazen and Zach Hejny (Gendér Wayang), and Mark Cetilia (electronics).

In this piece, the Gendér Wayang part may be performed by one or two players, and is written using Titilaras Nding-Ndong notation, in the order of O E U A I o e u a i, where capital letters denote the lower five notes of the instrument. The electronics part for the piece utilizes the SuperCollider 3 audio synthesis / algorithmic composition platform; for the premiere performance, timbral manipulation was applied using an analog modular synthesizer.

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