Sleep of Ondine  | 2013 Inspired by the myth of Ondine, who cursed her unfaithful lover to stop breathing should he ever fall asleep (”you promised to love me with every waking breath”), Sleep of Ondine compresses the brainwave frequencies of a typical night’s sleep into a 30 second sequence. Shot on 16mm film with hand-painted transparencies, custom lenses and electronically-controlled stroboscopic light at 16, 24, 32, 48 and 64 frames per second and painstakingly captured frame-by-frame, then passed into an audiovisual feedback loop where the visual material controls parameters of an analog modular synthesizer, is manipulated in custom software written in SuperCollider, and the resulting audio analyzed to control playback and manipulation of the video, Sleep of Ondine is caught in a constant struggle for wakefulness and final submission to a state of rest.