Redux: Field : Line  | 2023 Field:Line is a site-specific performance for pre-recorded electronics, environmental sounds and musicians at Legg Lake in South El Monte, CA. In addition to being a recreational space and stopover for migratory birds, Legg Lake is intersected by towering high-powered electrical lines, the sounds of which create delicate fields of crackling sound above the visitors walking underneath. Field:Line explores the intersections between this sonic environment, a twelve-channel piece incorporating location recordings gathered at Legg Lake and synthesized sounds, as well as an open score for live performers.

Performed by The Dog Star Orchestra 19 musicians:

• Judith Berkson, accordion
• Emily Call, violin
• Laura Cetilia, cello
• John Eagle, French horn
• Kevin Good, percussion
• Eric Lennartson, percussion
• Cassia Streb, viola