Points in a Field with Moving Breath | 2010 Points in a Field with Moving Breath is a piece for solo percussion and electronics, to be performed on a single orchestral bass drum, turned on its side, along with eight snare drums placed at regular intervals around the bass drum. The piece consists of a series of sixteen phrases comprised of nine eight-note figures each, to be performed as quickly as possible, as quietly as possible, and as regularly as possible (in terms of both dynamics and rhythmicity). Over time, the rhythmic qualities of the performer’s breath will naturally become more irregular, as will the intervals between successive phrases.

Throughout the performance, the percussion parts are recorded and played back through an octophonic field using a Distance-Based Amplitude Panning algorithm based on the input from a graphics tablet used by an offstage performer to represent the location of the performer on stage using custom software built in Max/MSP. Upon reaching the end of the sixteenth phrase, the performer may choose to repeat the entire sequence from the beginning, or exit the stage. Once the performer has left the stage, the electronics are left running until everyone has left the room.

This piece was premiered by percussionist Fred Kennedy as part of an evening of works by Jordan Bartee, Mat Becker, Mark Cetilia, Bevin Kelley, Dylan Nelson, Caroline Park, and Jacob Richman.

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