Mem1: Pyropyxis | 2021 Pyropyxis is an audiovisual work by Laura Cetilia (cello/voice) and Mark Cetilia (video/analog modular synthesizer). Since the formation of our ensemble Mem1 in 2003, we have developed a shared performance practice based in electroacoustic improvisation. However, we decided to take a different approach in creating this piece; instead of performing together in real time, the process began with Laura composing and recording the acoustic cello and voice parts, to which Mark added electronics in response. Once the sound was complete, Mark developed a feedback loop between analog video synthesis hardware and custom software written in Max/Jitter, and recorded the video as a visual counterpart to the composition. Despite its asynchronous origins, the work is a culmination of our shared aesthetics and understandings as a long-standing improvising ensemble. It is named after a fungus that forms on burnt tree remnants from a forest fire, eliciting their rich colors and patterns of growth.