Pretty Meaningless Things IV  | 2022 Pretty Meaningless Things (2022) is a collection of programmatically-generated objects that exist solely through the interaction between zeroes and ones, the flow of electrons through electrical circuitry, and technologies which allow them to become a part of our physical reality.

These objects were sculpted using code alone, and their surfaces reflect only the objects themselves and the virtual environments they inhabit—environments empty of all but subtle atmospheric changes and slowly-shifting hues. Each emits audible frequencies based on the results of data flowing between the virtual and physical worlds.

In the process of documenting them, electrical signals extracted from the objects and their environments were allowed to pass through a series of circuits before being converted back into streams of zeroes and ones, and stored for later analysis, retrieval, and display.

The things serve no purpose, they hold no meaning—they simply exist, much like you or I do. This presentation provides an opportunity to meditate upon their beauty, and to take any thoughts or sensations that may emerge from this practice with you into the world outside upon your departure.

Pretty Meaningless Things was premiered as a 5-channel installation with hyperdirectional sound at the Chazan Gallery in Providence, RI from September 15 – October 15, 2022. For more information, please visit the Chazan Gallery website, or take a look at the photographic documentation of the installation here.