Dissolution Live at Issue Project Room  | 2018 Stereo mixdown from a quadraphonic performance of Dissolution (2013) at Issue Project Room as part of Harvestworks’ Performance Now! series.

Dissolution is a site-responsive improvisation that utilizes Cetilia’s performance platform Fraktur (2001 – present) to explore the physicality of sound and the behavior of nonlinear feedback loops. Beginning with electrical energy as a raw material, and taking into account the conditions of the site in which the work is presented, Cetilia sets into motion evolving and unpredictable processes, and examines the ways in which they unfold. His role in this operation is that of an observer and a regulator, guiding the trajectory of a given performance with an acute attention placed upon changes within the system and cues from the external world.

The current iteration of Fraktur is a hybrid analog / digital performance system consisting of custom software written using the SuperCollider audio synthesis / algorithmic composition platform, live-patched analog modular synthesis, and a variety of hardware controllers. Fraktur is wide-ranging in its scope and abilities, featuring signal generation and manipulation using analog modular synthesis techniques, live sampling, audio manipulation, and signal generation using digital oscillators, gesture recording and playback for parameters throughout the entire Fraktur ecology, and creation of data sequences that may be utilized by digital synthesis algorithms or output as voltages to an analog modular synthesizer.

Sound mixed / mastered by Mark Cetilia at Mocoxon Studios, November 2018.
Video edited by Nolan Huang Xuanyang for Harvestworks, January 2019.