Sytimox | 2021 Sytimox Sytimox is an audiovisual composition comprised of sound made using analog modular synthesis techniques, and moving image created using a feedback network between an analog modular video synthesis system and custom software written in Max / Jitter that simultaneously manipulates the incoming / outgoing image and generates control voltages and automation data based on spectral analysis of the audio signal.

In this piece, the image creation / manipulation system is a chaotic system based on a feedback loop between analog video synthesis modules and a series of fragment shaders — also in feedback — that are being fed values / control voltages based on spectral analysis of an incoming audio signal. However, my impulse behind using such strategies was not to create a system that simply “visualizes” sound, but to create a working method that frees me from needing to attend to changing numerous parameters for the work’s visual element manually during a performance, and allows me to find ways to push the chaotic system into new states using sound.

This piece was recorded live and was premiered as an single-channel video installation with stereophonic hyperdirectional sound at the RISD Museum in Providence, RI as part of the RISD Faculty Exhibition and Forum in Providence, RI from October 28 – November 21, 2021.